5 Reasons to Swaddle Your Baby

on March 27, 2021

Newborn baby was swaddling with white cloth by her mother- Roll Up Baby

Most parents agree that swaddling a newborn baby is the right thing to do, but many of them don’t understand why it is worth doing.

In this article, we are going to go over what are the benefits of swaddling a baby with muslin blankets from Roll Up Baby, as well as some safety tips for new Moms. Let’s get started!


5 Benefits of Swaddling a Baby

1. Basis for Soothing

Swaddling your newborn may not immediately soothe and calm down your crying baby. In fact, many parents find that the swaddling process makes babies more frustrated and makes them cry more loudly for a short period of time.

However, swaddling is meant to serve as the basis or foundation for which other soothing techniques like motion and white noise build upon. Once you swaddle your baby, layer on additional soothing techniques to calm the baby down and encourage sleep.


2. Reduces SIDS

A study by the Journal of Pediatrics has found that swaddling reduces the rate of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). It is believed that swaddling makes it harder for newborn babies to cover their faces with bedsheets and decreases their ability to turn over to their stomachs, - two factors linked to SIDS.


3. Less Crying

Babies cry a lot, no matter how hard you try to soothe them. However, by adding swaddling into your arsenal of other baby soothing techniques, you are likely to reduce the crying.


4. Improved Neuromuscular Development

Many new parents believe that a newborn needs to have their hands free to practice using them, get their hands into their mouths to soothe themselves by sucking on fingers, and more. However, the movements of newborns are unintentional and random. By immobilizing their arms, you will aid the baby in developing better motor skills.


5. Improved Sleep

If you put your baby to sleep while swaddled, they are likely to sleep tighter and longer. Swaddling stimulates sleep continuity and prevents newborns from waking themselves up with random arm movements.


Safety Tips for New Moms Swaddling a Baby

woman puts her newborn baby on her bed happily - Roll Up Baby

Learning how to swaddle a baby correctly is key to ensuring effectiveness and safety.

Here are some safety tips for swaddling your baby:

  • Avoid overheating. Using double swaddle blankets or over-swaddling can lead to overheating. It is recommended to use swaddle blankets made from materials that provide ventilation for the baby, such as muslin swaddle blankets from Roll Up Baby.
  • Position baby “hands-over-heart”. In the past, it was common to swaddle babies with their arms straight by their sides. However, it is better to position the baby’s hands over their chest to prevent potential joint problems.
  • Make sure the swaddle won’t unravel. Make sure to fixate the ends of the blanket so it doesn’t unravel. A loose blanket can end up covering the baby’s face and airway.
  • Don’t swaddle too tightly. On the opposite side of the spectrum, swaddling too tightly around the baby’s hips and legs can lead to hip dysplasia. Make sure that legs and hips have enough space for natural movement.
  • Place baby on his/her back to sleep. When a baby is sleeping on the tummy, he or she is more likely to overheat and breathe in their own exhaled air, which could lead to SIDS. Always put your newborn on their back.
  • Swaddle for sleep only. Babies need to move around naturally and learn their bodies. Give your baby some time to develop and only swaddle for sleep time.
  • Stop swaddling when the baby begins to roll. When the baby begins to roll, it is time to transition to arms-free sleep to allow for the development of important motor functions.


Swaddle Your Baby Safely with Roll Up Baby

Muslin Swaddle Set - Space Robot - Roll Up Baby

There are many reasons to swaddle a baby: from reducing the risk of SIDS to soothing and improving their sleep. And while there is no doubt that swaddling is important for newborn babies, the quality of a swaddle blanket is of no less importance. Shop premium quality swaddling sets from Roll Up Baby today.