Burping Spitting and Vomiting Milk: How to tell the difference

on August 17, 2020

Every parent should be able to tell the difference of while their baby burps, spits up of vomits milk. Lets have a look at every one of them in detail.

Burping occurs when your baby swallows excessive air while feeding and can result in your little one being cranky and fussy after feedings. All you need to do is to burp your baby and help her pass the excessive air. Mind you that some of these burps may seem quite loud.

newborn baby burping positions

Tips on burping baby
- Keep a cloth or bib on hand
- Hold your baby upright and lightly pat her on her back. Some babies would need a slightly firmer pat to help them burp.
- Hold your baby face down on your lap and pat her on her back. This technique sometimes gives faster results and helps with crankiness.

Spitting up
Every baby spits up milk and some are more regular “spitters” than others. That is just how it is, and it is perfectly normal. Spitting up is just some milk coming back up due to the overfullness of that tiny tummy. Now, the reasons why it happens can be numerous.

- Baby has had too much milk during feeding
- Baby swallows excessive air during feedings
- Some food sensitivities can cause excessive spits up

baby drinking milk

Tips on spitting up
If your baby seems happy and at ease, spitting up is nothing to be aware of. However, if your baby has difficulties in gaining weight and seem to be spitting excessively consult with your physician.

portrait serious stern baby

Vomiting occurs when the flow of milk is forceful; shooting out inches of milk rather than some dribbles from the mouth. It is perfectly normal to have one or two vomits until your baby reaches the age of one. However, watch out if your baby is vomiting on a regular basis. It might be to do with a certain food sensitivity (either the food that you have introduced to the baby or the food that you eat as a breastfeeding mother).