10 Different Uses of a Swaddle Blanket

on March 14, 2021
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Chances are, you already know what a miracle a swaddle blanket is. From promoting sounder, longer sleep, to calming your anxious baby down, there are countless reasons to get your muslin swaddle blanket from Roll Up Baby.

In this article, we are going to talk about 10 different ways in which baby swaddles can be used, - both for the baby and the Mom!


10 Different Ways in Which Baby Swaddles Can Be Used

You can never have too many muslin swaddle blankets: they are incredibly durable, and you can use them for many months and even years, long after your baby has outgrown swaddling.

Try out these 10 creative uses for swaddle blankets:


1. A Blanket

This is quite an obvious reason, but muslin blankets from Roll Up Baby make a great choice for a baby blanket. They are thin and breathable, keeping your baby comfortable all night. Swaddle blankets are usually big enough to keep using them as your baby grows.


2. Cover While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding outside of the home can get tricky, and muslin blankets make the perfect cover. You can tie two blankets together and pop them over your head to cover up.


3. Swaddling

Mother swaddling tenderly her newborn baby - Roll Up Baby

Of course, muslin swaddle blankets are created for swaddling: they are big enough to wrap your baby tightly to soothe them and help them sleep.


4. Sun Shield

You can use muslin blankets to shield yourself and the baby from the sun in the car or cover the stroller during walks.


5. Safety Blankie

Babies feel calmer around familiar objects, and what can be more familiar than the blanket that they have been using ever since they were born?


6. Changing Mat

With babies, accidents are prone to happen. In case you need to unexpectedly change your baby, you can use your swaddle blanket to cover the back seat of the car or simply drop it on the grass.


7. Burp Cloth

Little babies have a tendency to spit up, and you are likely to constantly be wiping it off your baby’s face, your top, or anywhere else it has landed. Swaddle blankets are always conveniently on hand, so you can grab one and use it as a burp cloth.


8. Trolley Cover

If you need to use a trolley, you can throw a swaddle blanket at the bottom to make it softer and more comfortable.


9. Picnic Blanket

children on picnic blanket - Roll Up Baby

Even when your baby grows up, you can always use the old swaddle blanket as a picnic blanket.


10. Tents and Imaginary Play

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Building forts and tents in the bedroom or lounge is a vital part of childhood. Swaddle blankets also make great superhero capes!


Get Creative with Swaddle Blankets from Roll Up Baby

The list doesn’t end there. There are countless other uses for swaddle blankets: you can use them as tablecloths, gift wraps, headscarves, and so much more!

Shop the swaddle blanket collection from Roll Up Baby and try out the various muslin swaddle blanket uses for yourself.