What makes Bamboo Muslin so incredible?

on June 17, 2020

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What makes Bamboo Muslin so incredible?

As a parent it is natural to want the best for our children. Bamboo’s natural qualities are perfect for your baby. Bamboo is an eco-friendly textile and it is potentially one of the world's most sustainable resource. It grows very quickly and easily, it doesn’t need pesticide or fertilizers, and it doesn’t need to be replanted after harvest because it grows new sprouts from the roots.

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Bamboo muslins are good to use all year round, as these materials will naturally keep your baby warm in cooler temperatures and cooler when it is warm.

Soft like the baby skin - Babies have sensitive skin so they are more prone to experiencing irritation when exposed to rough of scratchy blankets.  Our swaddles are made from bamboo. They feel soft and luxurious (bamboo has been compared to cashmere!) and get softer each time you wash them). Your baby will feel at ease and relax deeply swaddled in bamboo muslin blanket.

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Contain No harmful chemicals - no harmful chemical in the growing process, no pesticides, making process nor dye.

Naturally Hypoallergenic - Naturally repels dust mites, mold and mildew.

Anti-Microbial: It smells better and stays cleaner. Bamboo fabrics have this unique agent called, “Bamboo Kun”, which allows it to be naturally anti-microbial. This natural agent reduces odor-causing bacteria and other microscopic pests that may thrive on your baby’s clothing or beddings.

Extremely Breathable and safe - The insulating properties of bamboo naturally help keep your baby stay warmer in cool temperatures and cooler in warmer temperatures - preventing them overheating and helping them sleep longer. Use them all year round!

Natural UV protection - against the sun's harsh rays.

Versatile uses - Use them as a pram blanket, burp cloth, nursing cover, comforter and more. You will use them way past the swaddling stage.