Guide to using a Babylist

on September 16, 2020

Baby List Guide 

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Babylist guide idea is a well-known methodology that all of us mother-planners are utilizing for a long time. Just like the list that you made while planning your wedding, the recipe and food ideas that you save up in your online cookbook registries or the cozy interior ideas that help you transforming your living space.  Just like that baby registry allows you to save up ideas from all other the internet. You can save a fun origami elephant photo, cute little baby blanket from Etsy and a promotion diaper package from Costco straight into your baby registry.  

Mother to be writing down in pregnancy diary important events - Roll Up baby

Here is the deal 
Add anything you desire to your registry, saving it from any desired website. Your baby registry comes with a price comparison feature which will allow you to identify best deals. 

How do I get started? 
Add the Babylist button into your bookmarks or favorites bar. Then you can go to any website and add any item to your registry. 
Here is the tip 
Your loved ones, family, friends, and coworkers will likely be happy to offer you gifts. Direct them to your registry and let them know exactly what you need. Be sure, it is a clear win win situation. You will receive the gifts that you desire and take the stress away from them of trying to guess what you need. 

Mother to be organizing baby arrival and purchasing newborn item

Here is another tip 
Babies grow faster than you think. Do not overstock the newborn cutie little clothes. Some babies skip that phase altogether and are born already fitting 2-month-old size clothing. The same goes to newborn size diapers. Do not overstock on them. This is perfectly normal. Remember to stick to the essentials. Keep your register around absolute must-haves in first six months. As you live with your baby you will learn about her and your needs more and would be more confident about selecting the items that will be handy. 

And be sure to add Roll Up Baby to your Babylist Gift Registry!