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Ali+Oli Pacifier Case - Pink


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Bandana Bibs for Babies Pack of 4 - Ocean


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When it comes to stocking up on feeding essentials for your baby, there are some basic supplies you’ll need to have on hand at all times. At Roll Up Baby, we offer a wide variety of premium-quality feeding accessories to make your life easier, including baby bibs, baby pacifiers, and baby teethers.


Must-Have Baby Feeding Accessories


1. Baby Bibs

Regardless of their age, babies tend to make a lot of mess. Newborn babies may require baby bibs in just a couple of weeks after their birth, and using the right baby feeding accessories can make your life so much easier as a parent. Many newborns drool excessively, which can dampen their clothes, while older babies make a mess while eating.

Investing in a baby bib will surely save you a lot of clean up time and money in terms of buying new clothes. Shop a variety of baby bib styles at Roll Up Baby: from heart bibs to the bandana and snap bibs.

2. Baby Pacifiers

Most babies have a strong sucking reflex: beyond helping with feeding and nutrition, sucking has a soothing effect. For some babies, pacifiers become key to contentment between feedings as they offer temporary distraction, soothe a fussy baby, and help your baby to fall asleep faster.

Pacifiers at Roll Up Baby are made from medical grade silicone so you can be confident that your baby is safe. You can also choose from a selection of pacifier clips and pacifier clip sets to complement the pacifier of your choice.

3. Baby Teethers

Many parents dread the time when their baby’s teething process begins. Baby teethers are toys for the baby to put in their mouth when new teeth are growing. When chewing on toys, babies get some relief and comfort, and tender gums feel better when light pressure is applied.
Baby teethers from Roll Up Baby are made from high-quality food-grade silicone and will surely provide comfort and relief to your baby and you.

Buy Baby Feeding Accessories and Products from Roll Up Baby

When the time comes to shop for baby feeding accessories, it is easy to get lost in a variety of products on the market. At Roll Up Baby, we are devoted to providing only premium-quality baby teething accessories and products. Our baby bibs are made from natural bamboo muslin, cotton muslin, or 100% cotton. Baby pacifiers and teethers, on the other hand, are created using 100% food-grade silicone that is free of toxic chemicals to keep you and your baby safe.

Browse our collection of baby feeding accessories today.