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Baby Boy Bamboo Wrap - Are You My Mother?


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Muslins are one of the simplest, purest, and most gentle fabrics out there, and a breathable muslin swaddle blanket from Roll Up Baby makes a perfect present for new Moms and their babies.

Why Choose Muslin Baby Swaddles from Roll Up Baby?

A muslin is a breathable, finely-woven, and lightweight cotton or bamboo mix fabric that can offer a number of benefits for newborn babies and their Moms. At Roll Up Baby, we use only pure 100% organic muslin to deliver high-quality products that:
Prevent overheating. Light and breathable, muslin swaddles significantly reduce the risk of a baby overheating and keep your baby comfortable and safe.
Are incredibly durable. Organic swaddle blankets made out of organic muslin are also incredibly durable. The fabric can withstand countless washed and will become even softer after each wash!
Mimic the womb. Baby swaddle wraps are designed to envelop babies in a warm, gentle environment, similar to that of the womb, providing a soothing and calming effect on babies.
Aid in breastfeeding. Breathable and lightweight muslin swaddle blankets allow babies to still feel the heat of their mother’s chest while breastfeeding. Snuggly, soft muslin also helps to handle your baby more easily and hold him or her more comfortably during the breastfeeding process.
Help babies sleep. Everyone knows how essential sleep is for the healthy development of babies. However, discomfort can interfere with baby’s sleep and cause them to constantly wake up. The good news is that a soft, womb-like environment created with bamboo swaddle blankets can help your baby create better sleep patterns.
10 Practical Uses of Muslin Swaddles (Aside from Swaddling!)

In addition to being great for swaddling, the best muslin swaddles from Roll Up Baby can be used in a variety of creative ways. Use our muslin swaddle blankets as a:

  1. Nursing cover
  2. Tummy-time blanket
  3. Burp cloth
  4. Face wipe
  5. Cot liner
  6. Baby bib around their neck
  7. Security blanket
  8. Car seat cover
  9. Changing mat or changing table cover
  10. Stroller cover

Buy Baby Swaddles from Roll Up Baby. When shopping for a muslin swaddle blanket with Roll Up Baby, you have a variety of options to choose from. All of our products are completely natural and organic: we offer high-quality baby swaddles made from natural Bamboo Muslin, Cotton Muslin, 100% Cotton Jersey Knit, and 100% Cotton.

Choose between 2-way swaddles and swaddle blankets and pick your favorite color and print to keep your baby happy and engaged. Some of the prints available include airplanes, elephants, foxes, fire trucks, kittens, robots, and so much more! You can be sure to find exactly what you need to make your baby happy.

Shop our collection of the best muslin swaddles today and find the cutest muslin swaddle blanket for your baby.