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About Us

Hello and welcome to RollUpBaby! We are a few entrepreneurs who happen to be are parents as well. Hence, we can totally relate to the varied challenges and emotional turmoil new parents go through.

Our goal is to help make memories for you and your baby by providing beautiful products that you and baby will love.
— Rollupbaby
When we had our first children, our priority was to find natural organic products to keep our little ones safe from chemical-laden artificial substances.
However, we had no idea from where to get them since most of the big expensive brands too weren’t 100% organic.
This is when the idea of RollUpBaby came into our minds. We envisioned a global brand that would sell 100% organic cotton and bamboo muslin bed and bath products at a reasonable price point. We emphasized on quality and durability, and hence, were keen to procure only from trusted sources. And our success story begins right from here. Nothing motivates us more than to know that our hard work has helped you in raising a happy baby. After all, we created RollUpBaby so that you can get nothing but the best for your baby!
Corona Virus (Covid 19)

We are not currently seeing any delays in our shipping times but please be aware that this may change as this situation develops.
We are monitoring this on a daily basis and prioritize the health of our staff and our customers above other business considerations.
We wish all our customer to stay safe, stay well and above all try and stay at home.