Discount Code and Gift Certificates


Discount Codes

Have a discount code?Congrats! You’ll pay less for your favorite baby product while shopping at Roll Up Baby.
Just enter the code in the specified box, before you hit that Pay button during checkout. Please note, the discount will be applied only on the actual price of the product excluding taxes, which will be calculated and added to the new discounted price. The final price of the product will also include the shipping charges which will be displayed separately on the price break up.


Gift Certificates 

Gift certificates are available in various denominations of dollars unlike the discount codes, which also offer percentage discounts. If your product price is higher than the value of your gift certificate, you need to pay the balance plus the tax calculated ONLY on the balance amount. On the other hand, if your product costs lower than your gift certificate amount, you need not pay any taxes as the product price will come to zero and no tax can be calculated on a zero. The balance will be sent to you in a new discount code within 48 hours via email, which you can utilize in your next purchase. However, you need to leave a note during checkout, informing us about this so that we can initiate the process.

If you have any question regarding your discount code or gift certificate, please write to us at email